Key Requirements When Selecting an Aluminum PCB Manufacturer

Key Requirements When Selecting an Aluminum PCB Manufacturer-Aluminum and FR4 PCB Supplier-HitechPCB   For the most part, all PCB manufacturing follows the same production process regardless of where they are made. The only true differences in suppliers is the level of automation in their process, the newest technology and equipment, and having specific equipment designed to focus on certain types of end products. For aluminum PCBs, there are several key items that a PCB manufacturer needs to consider if they are going to be able to effectively produce aluminum PCBs in any quantity, including:   Dedicated Imaging Equipment Many of [...]

How an Integrated PCB Library Can Reduce Development Cost

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Types of Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) are integral parts of all electronic devices, ranging from simple digital wrist watches and handheld games, to highly complicated satellite systems. PCB are manufactured in several ways to meet the unique requirements of varied industries. They can be fabricated in single sided, double sided, and multi-layered configurations as per the demands.

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3 Main Types of PCB Materials

The primary material used to fabricate PCB (Printed Circuit Board) is of immense importance. It is essential to consider the performance of the material in terms of temperature resistance, adhesion, tensile strength, flexibility, dielectric strength, dielectric constant, and many other physical, electrical, and thermal factors. The performance and level of integration of the PCB is completely dependent on the material used to fabricate the PCB.

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PCBs for the Automotive Industry

These PCBs have revolutionized the way we drive and use our vehicles, from engine controls and airbag sensors to anti-lock brake management and even GPS support. Almost every modern convenience in the car in your driveway or the fleet in your business’ yard relies on automotive PCBs. 

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Polyimide PCB Material Information (FR4 vs. Polyamide PCB)

Many companies that use printed circuit boards are fine using the standard FR4 material for their boards, and this can be a fine option. FR4 boards are affordable and effective for many applications. However, FR4 boards are not the only type of printed circuit board material out there, and some other boards may be better-suited to other applications.

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When it comes to printed circuit boards, there are certain standards in place that buyers look for. Experts may tell you to be sure to work with a UL PCB supplier, an ITAR registered supplier or an ISO PCB supplier. But what do these things really mean, and what exactly should you be looking for when seeking out quality printed circuit boards for your business? Here is some basic, useful information about these terms.

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