Supply Chain Management

Hitech Circuits understands the crucial role that supply chain services play in our customer’s business, and continuously strives to provide sustainable solutions. Hitech Circuits is uniquely positioned in commodities such as printed circuit boards (PCB) and electro-mechanical components.

Controlling costs for complex direct materials in the Electrical Manufacturing Services Category (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs), Wire Harnesses, Box-Builds, and other Electromechanical Assembles) is a challenge for procurement professionals. Year over year price increases in both materials and labor, changes in designs, and quality issues all impact the budget and ultimately the cost of finished products.

Hitech Circuits Can provide the following service:

1. Component sourcing IC, Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, Amplifier,etc.
2. Sourcing electronic component with competitive price
3. Locate obsolete or hard-to-find components
4. Suggest substitution if the specified component is too expensive or can not be bought
5. Turnkey sourcing, including custom plastic, metal and cable assemblies.