Components Sourcing Services

We understands the crucial role that supply chain services play in our customer’s business, and continuously strives to provide sustainable solutions. Hitech Group is uniquely positioned in commodities such as printed circuit boards (PCB) and electronic parts.

We use only the best components sourcing for the projects, sourced from our extensive network of well-known electronic parts manufacturers and distributors including Microchip, ST, AVX, VISHAY, Kemet, Bourns, Avnet, Arrow, TTI, Digikey, Laird, RS and Farnell. Any moisture-sensitive PCB components are stored in temperature and humidity-controlled chambers to ensure optimal performance.

Controlling costs for complex direct materials in the Electrical Manufacturing Services Category (Printed Circuit Board Assemblies PCBAs, Wire Harnesses, Box-Builds, electronics enclosures box and other Electromechanical Assembles) is a challenge for procurement professionals. Year over year price increases in both materials and labor, changes in designs, and quality issues all impact the budget and ultimately the cost of finished products.

Why Choose Hitech for components sourcing in China?

Hitechpcb has 10 yeas experience on Electronic Parts purchasing area. We can provide convenient quick turn components sourcing for more than 1,000 of our customers globally. To maintain all our customers, we have plenty of global sources for our supply chain with certain components kept in stock. Our material management is strictly according to the supplier certification system and standard IQC system.

-10,000+ kinds of Yageo, Murata, AVX, Kemet Capacitors and Resistors in storage
-Parts supply based on whole BOM
-Global sources for supply chain, especially for special chip, module, etc.
-Experts team with 10+ years experience
-Professional components certified engineers and experienced supply chain management team
-Focus on the latest international market information and provide a competitive price
-Certified suppliers and Parts from the original factory or the first class agent
-Purchase only on demand and no need to place the entire order
-IQC with professional testing equipments
-Develop an accurate inventory according to needs
-IT system support the whole process including quotation, place order, delivery and more
-Response in 24 hours with efficient information management system
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Hitech Circuits Can provide the following service:

1. Component sourcing IC, Resistor, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, Amplifier,etc.
2. Sourcing electronic parts with competitive price
3. Locate obsolete or hard-to-find components
4. Suggest substitution if the specified component is too expensive or can not be bought
5. Turnkey sourcing, including custom plastic, metal and cable assemblies.

Our advantages below:

Manufacturer direct pricing bring a greater space for customer profit.
Professional technical teams provide free DFM service
Ensure delivery time will be on time. Also provide Quick turn PCB, PCBA and components sourcing services.
Whether sample order or a large number OEM production, we all can handle.
Full service in-house manufacturing and capabilities.
Rigid production and advanced equipment bring up highly quality PCB and PCB assembly.
Lead time: 7 working days for sample, 2-3 weeks for muss production.
100% electrical and electricity performance test before shipped.
Comprehensive certificate: ISO 9001, Rohs, UL, ISO14001, ISO/TS16949