Aluminum PCB

Aluminum PCB & Metal Core PCB & LED PCB Circuit board

Aluminium PCB are metal-based, copper-clad laminates with a good heat dissipation function. Usually, Aluminium PCB is refer to LED PCB board, which is the most important part of LED display and lighting products, etc.

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What is aluminium PCB board ?

Aluminium PCB board, also named Aluminium based PCB, metal clad (MCPCB) PCB, insulated metal substrate(IMS or IMPCB) PCB, thermally conductive PCBs, etc. Aluminum printed circuit board ( PCB ) is a unique metal-based copper clad laminate with good thermal conductivity, electrical insulation performance and mechanical processing performance. It is composed of copper foil, thermally conductive insulating layer and metal substrate. It is generally including single layer, double layer and multi layer aluminum pcb board.

The structure of aluminum printed circuit boards