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Quick Turn PCB Prototype Service

Quick turn pcb prototype service

Hitechpcb has a branch factory dedicated to Quick Turn PCB and fast PCB assembly Services in order to ensure on-time delivery. We guarantee the fastest delivery time is 24 hours to meet you schedule.

General specification for Quick turn pcb services

Part I : Quick Turn PCB Prototype price
                                     Prototype & Small Volume L/T(0~2sq.meters)
    Layers    150sq.inch(less 0.1 sq.m)           Quickest Lead time            Normal Lead time
            260 USD                   24 hours             5 working days
            4120 USD                   48 hours             6 working days
            6200 USD                   72 hours             7 working days
            8300 USD                   96 hours             8 working days
           10400 USD                   120 hours            10 working days
         >12Base on specific requirements need case by case
                                               Small~Middle Volume L/T(2~100sq.meters)
      Layers                                      Normal Lead time
             2                                       12 working days
             4                                       14 working days
             6                                       16 working days
             8                                       18 working days
            10                                       20 working days
          >12                              Base on specific requirement
Normal Spec. FR4 Tg135 material,1.6mm,Mini hole>0.25mm,Mini line width >5Mil, HASL, OSP or HASL Lead Free surface finished, Standard stack up for multilayer pcb.
Part II: For small, Medium-volume and mass production , Please contact us to quote ,so that we can give the best support to you.
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