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China PCB Manufacturer, PCB Fabrication& Board Assembly in China Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing which is our major business. I think you already know, we are a PCB manufacturer. We have 3 branch factories dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototypes Manufacturing, Small and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board and FPC Manufacturing services. Our market target is the High Multilayer PCB, High Density board, Ceramic PCB and Special Material & Process Printed Circuit Boards. Also, we can help customer do PCB assembly and provide one-stop service. Hitech Group is capable of providing full turn-key and partial turn-key PCB assembly services. For full turn-key, [...]

Organizational Structure

Over the years we have been insisting technological innovation, excellence, so that people well-know Hitech Circuits Co., Limited – "Specializes in High Multi-layer printed circuit board, High Density Interconnection PCB, Aluminium metal core PCB,  Quick turn pcb assembly service, Special Materials and Special Process Printed Circuit Boards.". Today's Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited already has two branch factories: one is a Quick Turn PCB Prototype Factory, So it's all about we have a good management and good organizational structure inseparable. Our organization:

Why Hitechpcb?

There are thousands of PCB manufacturers  and PCB assembly factories in China, why should I choose Hitech? Good Pricing We have 2 factories by far, and each one is dedicated in one aspect of PCB production, the workers are more professional and skillful in specified area, then the efficiency is higher and the cost is lower; also, our inland factory employs cheaper labor forces and housing than Shenzhen area, so the cost is cheaper obviously. Quick Delivery Devilry is quick–5-8 working days normally, 2 working days with a premium. High quality We fully understand quality comes first. All our factories [...]


Hitechpcb desires to be your reliable one-stop PCB and PCB assembly services provider. We understand superior quality PCBs, short turnaround time, excellent customer services and economical prices contribute to fulfilling your requirements and bringing you back, among which PCB quality lies on the top of your requirement list. Therefore, we follow the most rigorous quality standards throughout circuit boards prototyping, manufacturing and assembly. Currently, we're fully ISO9001:2008, IATF 16949:2016, UL and RoHS certificated. You can reply on us for custom PCB production and Electronic assembly. Samp text. Samp text. Samp [...]

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Environment Policy

To comply with all applicable environmental legislation, regulations' requirements and cleaner production. Saving power and lower energy consumption, eliminate waste. Adhere to the harmonious development of man and nature. It is the obligatory responsibility and mission for Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited to stick to harmonious development and environmental protection together. We conform to ISO 14001 standard strictly and introduce "green" materials and "pollution-free" facilities/technologies in its operation to minimize the effects of its products and production process to the environment, will communicate its commitment to environmental policy to its employees, vendors, partners and customers.

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Enterprise Culture

Our Spirit: Pursue excellence and be practical-mended to make innovation. Our Management Tenet: Take the customer as the center, take the market as the guidance. 1) Customer-centered, Market-oriented 2) Quality is basic and pursue high quality and good services. Our philosophy: Management humanized, standardized, systematized and scientific theory. 1) The staff is the most valuable resource for company. 2) All staff should be treated fairly, good training, fair competition and development. 3) Attention to detail, continuous innovation and improvement with scientific management.

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Perfil de la empresa español

Hitech Circuits Co., Limited, fabricante de ensamblaje de PCB y PCB ( Printed Circuit Board, en español Placa De Circuito Impreso) en China con buena prestigio de alta calidad y bueno servicio se dedica en PCB Rígido, PCB de alta densidad, PCB de aluminio y ensamblaje de componentes electrónicos con  servicio de reacondicionamiento rápido. Ahora podemos proporcionar productos PCB de 1 a 38 capas, incluidos PCB de doble capa, PCB de múltiples capas, PCB con núcleo metálico, PCB Rigído-Flex y PCB de alta densidad (HDI), el servicio de montaje de PCB, etc. Placa de circuito impreso y fabricación de productos [...]

Profilo Aziendale Italiano

Hitech Circuits Co., Limited è una società di produzione e assemblaggio PCB in Cina con una lunga tradizione di qualità ed eccellenza. La nostra azienda è focalizzata su pcb rigidi, pcb ad alta densità, pcb in alluminio e assemblaggio elettrostatico con un servizio rapido. Attualmente, siamo in grado di fornire da 1 a 38 strati di PCB, tra cui anche PCB a due strati, PCB multistrato, PCB con nucleo in metallo, PCB rigidi-flessibili, PCB ad alta densità (HDI), servizi di assemblaggio PCB ecc. Il nostro settore principale è relativo a produzione di circuiti stampati e moduli elettronici. Siamo una società [...]

Profil de l’entreprise français

Hitech Circuits Co, Limited est un producteur de circuits imprimés et d'assemblage de circuits imprimés en Chine avec une longue tradition de qualité et d'excellence. Notre société se concentre sur les circuits imprimés rigides, les circuits imprimés haute densité, les circuits imprimés en aluminium et l'assemblage électronique avec service de rotation rapide. Maintenant, nous pouvons fournir de 1 à 38 couches de produits PCB, ce qui comprend les PCB double couche, PCB multicouche, PCB à noyau métallique, PCB rigide flexible et PCB haute densité (HDI), service d'assemblage PCB, etc. La fabrication de circuits imprimés et d'électronique qui est notre activité [...]

Firmenprofil Deutsch

Leiterplattenbestückung & Elektronikbestückung & OEM-Bestückungsfertigung China Hitech Circuits Co., Limited ist ein Leiterplatten- und Leiterplattenbestückungshersteller in China mit einer langjährigen Tradition von Qualität und Exzellenz. Unser Unternehmen konzentriert sich auf starre Leiterplatten, hochdichte Leiterplatten, Aluminiumleiterplatten und Elektronikbaugruppen mit Schnellservice. Jetzt können wir 1 bis 38 Lagen Leiterplatten-Produkte anbieten, darunter Doppelbeschichtete-Leiterplatten, Mehrfachbeschichtete-Leiterplatten, Metallkern-Leiterplatten, Starr-flexible-Leiterplatten und HDI-Leiterplatten (High Density), Leiterplatten-Bestückungsservice usw. Leiterplatten- und Elektronikfertigung, ist unser Hauptgeschäft. Ich denke, Sie wissen bereits, dass wir ein Leiterplatten- und Leiterplattenbestückung-Hersteller in China sind. Wir haben 3 Zweigfabriken, die sich mit der Herstellung von Leiterplatten-Prototypen für schnelle Drehungen, kleinen und mittleren Stückzahlen von Leiterplatten und [...]