Project Description

  • Aluminium printed circuit board factory from China

Bergquist Aluminum pcb

Bergquist Aluminum pcb board manufactured by Hitech, the Thermal Clad circuit board materials are available from The Bergquist Company in four different thermal conductivities, High Power Lighting (HPL), High Temperature (HT), Low Modulus (LM) and Multi-Purpose (MP). If you are looking are Bergquist Aluminum based pcb manufacturer in China, please contact [email protected] .

Technical Parameters

  • Bergquist aluminum pcb
  • Base Material: Bergquist material Aluminum pcb
  • Layers: 1
  • Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Copper thickness: 1Oz
  • plating process: Immersion gold
  • Description: LED MPCB

What’s Bergquist Aluminium PCB?

Bergquist is one of USA company, which produce Aluminium base material sheet, the performance is perfect, Aluminium base material sheet is widely used for led PCB power industry.

Now that Power LEDs are capable of unprecedented levels of white LED brightness and luminous efficacy, they are being used in many products that are part of our daily lives. Although today the initial cost of Power LEDs is higher, many applications have demonstrated LED PCB lighting as the most cost or energy efficient solution for future installations. Bergquist provides critical thermal management support for a myriad of Power LED applications that include: medical, signage, signal, transportation, aircraft, automotive, security, portable, theatrical, commercial, residential and street lighting Power LED packaging has evolved to adapt to higher power dissipation demands. For these Power LED packages, the lowest possible thermal resistance packaging is paramount to a long and reliable service life. By combining Be