Project Description

  • ELIC HDI PCB Board 10L


Hitech’s 10 layer interconnection (ELIC) HDI pcb with electroless nickel immersion (ENIG) surface treatment which made of raw material FR4 370 HR, plug via-in-pad by resin and plate flat. ENIG becomes the most popular surface finish in the industry. It’s a double layer metallic coating,  nickel acting as both a barrier to the copper and a surface to components are soldered. There is a layer of gold protects the nickel during storage. The advantages of ENIG high density boards  are lead-free, flat surfaces, strong etc.

Technical Parameters

  • Layer count:  10 layer
  • Board thickness:0.80mm
  • Raw material:FR4 370HR
  • Min.line width/space:0.075/0.075mm
  • Minimum hole diameter:0.10mm
  • Surface finishing:ENIG
  • Plug via-in-pad by resin and plate flat