Project Description

  • Printed pcb board 8 Layers

Custom rigid printed circuit board 8 layers

8 layers custom rigid printed circuit board is with multi-layer PCB conductive wire, high density drilling. Multi-layer printed circuit board is more and more used by different pcb designers due to it could meet the requirement of overload of weight and volume. 8 layer printed circuit board is usually installed into compact devices such as digital cameras, cell phones, passive switch boxes, radios, etc.

Technical Parameters

  • 8L multilayer printed circuit board
  • Technical description
  • Material: FR-4 Tg170
  • Board thickness: 1.60mm
  • Surface finished: Immersion gold
  • Copper thickness: 1 Oz for all layers
  • Min.line width/space: 4/4mil
  • Min through hole: 0.2mm
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