Project Description

  • Power PCB board 6 Layers

Power PCB board 6 Layers

Power pcb board, 6 layers heavy copper core pcb with immersion gold surface finishing, due to their multi-layer design, the pcb is smaller than other circuit boards. Lightweight structure, excellent electrical performance, improve the durability of pcb, these are particularly beneficial for micro devices.

Technical Parameters

  • 6L Heavy copper core PCB
  • Layer: 6L
  • Material: FR-4 Tg150
  • Size: 70.8*76.2mm
  • Board thickness: 2.0mm
  • Surface finished: Immersion gold
  • Copper thickness: Inner layer 3 Oz, out layer, 3Oz
  • Min through hole: 0.6mm
  • Position control systems

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