Project Description

  • Aluminum PCB 2 layers

Aluminum PCB 2 layers

The double-sided aluminum base pcb is divided into three layers: the first layer is copper, the second layer is thermal insulation material, the third layer is aluminum plate. The first layer is conductive, the second layer quickly transmits the heat generated by led to aluminum plate, and the third layer transmits the heat guided by thermal insulation material to the lamp cup again.

High-performance aluminum PCB 2 layers for efficient heat dissipation is designed to provide excellent performance for both simple and complex circuits and components. The design provides optimal thermal management capabilities, allowing heat generated from electrical components. Email [email protected] if you have interests in 2 layers aluminum base PCB.

Technical Parameters

  • Double-sided Aluminum PCB for display
  • 1.60mm board Thickness,
  • Solder mask: LPI Black
  • Min. PTH hole dia. 0.25mm
  • HAL LF Surface Treatment.
  • 2 OZ copper thickness