IC Package Substrate, also known as IC Package Substrate, is the key carrier of integrated circuit industrial chain packaging and testing links. At present,  IC Package Substrate is usually made of traditional multilayer or HDI board as the basis.  Play  in the chip and the printed circuit board between the heart to provide electrical connection (transition), at the same time to provide protection for the chip, support, heat dissipation channel, and meet the standard installation, size effect, and even embedded passive, active devices to achieve a certain system function.  It can realize multi-pin, reduce the packaging product area, improve electrical performance, high density and so on are its outstanding advantages.  There is a high correlation between packaging substrate and chip, and different chips often need to design special packaging substrate to match.


According to the classification of packaging technology, packaging substrate can be divided into BGA (Ball Grid Array, Ball Array packaging) substrate and CSP (Chip Scale Package, Chip level packaging) substrate.

According to the different packaging process, it can be divided into lead bonding packaging substrate and flip packaging substrate.

  • According to different application fields, packaging substrates can be divided into:
Package substrates are classified by technology
Category Application
Memory Chip Packaging Substrate (Emmc) Memory modules for smart phones, solid state drives, etc.
MEMS Package Base (MEMS) Used for smart phones, tablet wearable devices, etc.
RF Module Package substrate (RF) RF Modules for Smart phones and Mobile Communication Products.
Processor Chip Package substrate (WB-CSP and FC-CSP) Baseband and application processor for smart phones, tablet computers, etc.
High-speed communication package substrate For data broadband, telecommunications, FTTX, data center, security monitoring and smart grid conversion module.


According to the different substrate, can also be divided into: organic rigid packaging substrate (the substrate is hard organic material), flexible packaging substrate (the substrate is often plastic film or polyester imine material) and ceramic packaging substrate.


With the development of the downstream electronic field, packaging industry is developing rapidly.  As the raw material with the largest sales proportion in the segmented field of packaging materials, packaging substrate accounts for more than 50% of packaging materials, and PCB packaging substrate market has shown explosive growth in recent years. At present, domestic companies have the capacity of mass production of packaging substrate, the future of foreign packaging substrate capacity will accelerate to domestic transfer, the domestic packaging substrate market will further expand.

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