Hitech Group has more 10 yeas experience on Electronic Parts sourcing area in China. We can provide convenient quick turn parts sourcing for more than 1,000 of our customers globally. To maintain all our customers, we have plenty of global sources for our supply chain with certain components kept in stock, includes special chip and module, etc. Our material management is strictly according to the supplier certification system and standard IQC system.

-10,000+ kinds of Yageo, Murata, AVX, Kemet Capacitors and Resistors in storage

-Parts supply based on whole BOM

-Global sources for supply chain, especially for special chip and module, etc.

-Experts team with 10+ years experience

-Professional components certified engineers and experienced supply chain management team

-Focus on the latest international market information and provide a competitive price

-Certified suppliers and Electronic Parts from the original factory or the first class agent

-Purchase only on demand and no need to place the entire order

-IQC with professional testing equipments

-Develop an accurate inventory according to needs

-IT system support the whole process including quotation, place order, delivery and more

-Response in 24 hours with efficient information management system

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