In order to achieve more reasonable design and better anti-interference ability for high frequency PCB(Microwave RF PCB), design engineer should consider the tips as following:

  1. Use inner layer as power ground layer, which will have the effect of shielding and even decreasing spurious inductance, shorten length of signal wire, reducing Cross interference between signals.
  2. Circuit layout must be turn with 45 degree angle, which will help to reduce high frequency signal emission and coupling between each other.
  3. The shorter the better for length of circuit layout.
  4. The less the better for through holes.
  5. Layout between layers should be in vertical direction, top layer as horizontal direction and bottom layer as vertical direction, because this will help to reduce the signal interference.
  6. Increasing copper on ground layer to reduce the signal interference.
  7. Do package for important signal traces can obviously improve signals anti-interference ability. Of course we can also do package for interference sources to avoid interference on other signals.
  8. Signal traces layout should avoid loop, but should layout according to chrysanthemum link.
  9. In the power section of integrated circuit, bridging decoupling capacitor.