Hitechcircuits’ experts work closely with customers to provide consulting and guidance for EMC and SI design throughout the PCB design process in the following areas:



Architecture and floor-planning, main boards, daughterboards, backplanes, connectors, cables, grounding. Enclosure design and shielding, installation practice.


Schematic Review

High-speed signals, differential signaling, I/O interfaces (digital/analog, telecom and local-area network), magnetics, filters, connectors, power supply filtering and board decoupling/bypassing.


PCB Design

Stackup selection and layer assignment, partitioning, routing high-speed and other critical nets, termination, noise-coupling mechanisms and prevention, common-mode suppression, I/O and filtering, high-voltage clearances, power-supply, decoupling and bypassing, power and ground planes, grounding.


EMC Testing and Certifications

Work with the customer to review specifications, support testing, obtain certificates, review and troubleshoot new and existing designs.


Physical Design of High-Speed Electronic Circuits

At the speeds of nearly all electronic designs in modern technologies, the physical characteristics of the design-implementation (PCBs, packages, interconnects etc.) contribute to the behavior of the circuits as much as the parts of the electrical design that are included in the schematic. Non-intended and non-ideal characteristics such as transmission-line propagation, delay, attenuation, dispersion, finite impedance of the conductors, metal planes and power-supply structures, discontinuities due to imperfect interconnects such as power and ground inductance, properties of the connectors and selected pin out, unintended current-paths, crosstalk, emission, and immunity are some of the factors that must be considered during design.


These characteristics are not included in the schematics, yet they play a significant role in the circuit performance. If not properly taken into account they will certainly lead to problems with signal-integrity (SI) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Being an integral part of the physical implementation of the electrical design, they are directly influenced by the board-level and system-level features such as PCB material, size and stackup, placement of the components, decoupling and bypassing, routing topology, motherboard-daughterboard configuration, connectors, grounding, etc. Therefore they must be addressed and taken care of during transition from the schematic to the PCB and system level.


About hitechcircuits: an Experienced PCBA Manufacturing Company

hitechcircuits is an experienced ITAR and ISO-9000 Certified PCB assembly company, specializing in quick turn PCB prototype design, assembly, inspection, and rework. Green’s experts ensure product reliability and accuracy by performing thorough inspections and tests, using state-of-the-art equipment in our ESD-controlled facility, procuring premium quality PCB components, fully understanding manufacturing requirements, and actively communicating with all product-involved teams throughout the manufacturing process.


hitechcircuits enables firms of all sizes to improve their production cycle while reducing manufacturing time and costs by providing an array of turnkey PCB assembly and manufacturing services to meet the needs and requirements of all production sizes.


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