Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly

//Turnkey Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Turn-Key PCB Assembly

We offer both turn-key and partial turn-key PCB assembly. For full turn-key services, we manage and produce everything including manufacturing the circuit boards, finding & ordering PCB components, quality inspection & testing and the final product assembly. We even have a network of PCB designers to assist with the layout of the boards. Our technical experts provide their knowledge to each order, whether it be a small prototype project or a large scale High Density Interconnect PCB production run.

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Procurement & PCB Assembly Lead Times The final lead time for your printed circuit board assembly order is procurement lead time plus assembly time. On average, lead times for assembly are 1-5 days for just PCB assembly and 10-16 days for turnkey PCB assembly. If you have a PCB design that requires fine pitch, a rush order or even the challenge of getting a hard-to-find component you have Hitech Circuits Co., Limited , your PCB partner who is flexible and dependable for your most complicated needs! Find a PCB assembly Manufacturer and Supplier. Choose Quality SMT assembly Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters [...]

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For full turn-key pcb assembly, we take care of the entire process, including PCB manufacturing, procurement of components, continuous monitoring of quality and final circuit board assembly.   For partial turn-key pcb assembly, the customer can provide related components, and the remaining parts will be supplied by us.   Complete testing will be done Strictly as below: Component : Check part number and parameters , performance test. Visual Inspection : Check solder missing, solder wrong, sealing-off, insufficient solder ICT Inspection : Check short and open circuit X-Ray Inspection : Check the insufficient solder on BGA. Electronic Function Test : Need [...]