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Why Rapid PCB Prototyping is so Important?

Why Rapid PCB Prototyping is so Important? As the need for manufacturers to increase their time-to-market speed increases, the need for faster PCB prototyping also increases. Rapid Printed Circuit Board Prototyping is usually the step that takes the longest in the whole process and, as such, needs to be shortened in practical ways because new software and features can only be tested out on prototypes. Let’s take a more in-depth look at why rapid PCB prototyping is so important. Short Turnarounds The best express PCB prototyping methods all have one thing in common: short turnaround times. This means that new [...]

Crucial Things to Consider for Quick Turn PCBs and Printed circuit board assembly

The electronics industry is one of that critical sectors wherein new product developments and modifications to the existing products happen every now and then. To support the inventions of such a fast-moving sector, PCB fabricators also offer several printed circuit board assembly services to meet the requirements of the electronics manufacturers. Amongst all such services, quick turn PCBs matter the most for meeting challenging deadlines and creating high-grade assemblies keeping pace with the latest market trends. Being such a crucial PCB service, it is important to ensure that the entre quick turn assembly processes move as fast as possible with [...]


A Flexible PCB is defined as an arranged pattern of integrated circuits and components that uses flexible based materials. Here, the same components used to produce rigid printed circuits boards might be used to fabricate these flexible electronic assemblies, but they should allow the flexibility of the board during its application. Some of the advantages provided by flexible PCBs include; low mass, greater reliability, high ductility, and space savings. But also, inventors/designers must be ready for their complexity and complications. Except for the fact that the designer must be accountable for the mechanical complexity related to a flex circuit, there’s [...]


High-density-Interconnect (HDI) Flexible PCBs When there are no adequate options provided by typical flexible circuits, HDI PCBs come into play by incorporating fine features like micro-vias, better layout, construction, and design. In addition to the above features, other features include; highly dense flex circuitry, Increased functionality, and smaller form factor. HDI technology offers improved electrical performance, access to advanced IC package use, and better reliability though it makes use of thinner materials.   Benefits of Flex Circuits As for a ribbon cable or discrete wiring replacement, customized repeatable routing supplied by flex circuits trails all through the assembly. Because of [...]

Best Quality and Low Price High Density Interconnect PCB are Provided by Hitech Circuits

    In the 50+ years since printed circuits have become commonplace, the complexity and density of interconnect offered has increased markedly. For example, tracks that were 1mm wide successively became 0.25mm and 150µm, and 100µm is nowadays achievable in volume, although prudence suggests that such densities are not used for large areas. And holes, which used to be 0.9–1.2mm diameter for through-hole connectors, are now typically 0.35mm or less for vias. In other words, conventional printed circuit technology is still capable of meeting many of today’s requirements. Yet there is a grouping of products referred to as “High Density [...]

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High Density Interconnect: The Fastest Growing Technologies In PCB

    High Density Interconnect or HDI boards are already one of the fastest growing technologies in PCB as it contains of blind and buried vias with microvias of.006 or less in diameter. They have a higher circuitry density than traditional circuit boards. Specialty equipment and trained technicians follow the process closely to achieve the perfect hidden via.   You can find 6 different types of HDI boards: Through vias from surface to surface With buried vias and through vias Two or more hdi layer with through vias Passive substrate with no electrical connection Coreless construction using layer pairs Alternate [...]

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Hitech Circuits Provides You the Common PCB Board Layout Requirements

    Hitech Circuits is the most professional China PCB manufacturer, which is specialized in producing high quality and low cost High Density Interconnect PCB, Quick Turn PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, Flexible PCB, High Frequency PCB, Heavy Copper PCB and Metal Core PCB. Today Hitech Circuits is going to share the Common PCB board layout requirements with us.   In the common printed circuit board type, the layout design should pay attention to details are as follows: 1) single panel: In the case of low cost requirements typically use this type of panel. In the layout design, it is sometimes necessary to use components or [...]

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Hitech Circuits Introduces the Knowledge of Printed Circuit Board Via

        As is known to all, via is one of the important parts of multilayer PCB. The cost of drilling usually makes up 30%~40% of the cost of PCB manufacture.   Simply speaking, every hole on High Density Interconnect PCB may be called via.   Functionally, via can be divided into two types: firstly, used for electro-connection among layers; secondly, used for fixing components.   Technically, it may also be divided into three types: blind via, buried via and though hole. Blind via is located on the top and bottom surfaces of the PCB, deep and used for connection [...]

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Experienced China PCB Manufacturer Tells You How to Get PCB Prototype Online

    If you and your company need a printed circuit board (PCB), you can order a prototype PCB from Hitech Circuits, which is the best china PCB manufacturer, in quantities as small as just one or two. You can make your own PCB by etching a laminated board, but with prices decreasing on commercially made PCB prototypes, you may find it more practical to order a PCB prototype for $50 or less.   Let me tell you how to get PCB prototype online: Decide what specifications you'll need, and look for companies online who offer those as basic options [...]

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Professional China PCB Manufacturer Teaches You Printed Circuit Board Material Selection

    As one of the most professional China PCB manufacturer, Hitech Circuits is specialized in manufacturing best quality and cheap price Quick Turn PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, High frequency PCB, Heavy copper PCB Metal core PCB and High Density Interconnect PCB.   Material selection for the construction of a printed circuit board is a critical step towards the final product. Global Circuits can assist you with material selection to ensure the proper materials for your boards applications while providing the best materials for your project budget. We have created a simple guideline to help you make the proper evaluation of [...]

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