China has become the world’s largest PCB manufacturing base, up to 40% percentage of the global output , with the launching of a new five-year plan in China mainland, PCB industry faces many challenges again. Stars Chen said China’s new five-year program will vigorously promotes the seven emerging strategic industries , including aspects of environmental protection, the new generation of information technology, bio-industry, high-end assembly manufacturing, new energy, new materials and new energy vehicles, And the seven new industries are closely linked with the this will also bring new demands, nothing can replace the PCB.

In addition to five-year scheme, Star Chen also said that the rapid development of transportation in China, high-speed rail constantly opening, help narrow the urban-rural gap, it is understood, there are more than 50 cities in population over 100 million people in mainland China, If this trend continues, amazing pcb manufacturing domestic market will be created continiously .
Star Chen referenced Prismark data indicated that global pcb manufacturing output in 2009 reached $ 41.206 billion USD, and has grown to $ 51 billion in 2010, with 23% annual growth rate, predicted that will increase to $ 69.8 billion by 2015 , where china mainland occupies a pivotal position.
Although the Chinese five-year program creating new business opportunities, but Chen said that PCB industry development in China has experienced three major difficulties. First, the increasingly severe business environment, including raw material prices, environmental laws and restrictions, exchange rates, gasoline-electric tension, the labor shortage and so on.
Second, three high intractable problems, including highly educated, high-wage, high flow. With the empathy, long-term investment in the manufacturing experience Chen agrees to that the past management schema are no longer applies, but is really to change the management. It can be found that bias for the manufacturing industry from highly educated telent.the new generation of young people began to reject the manufacturing sector, that manufacturing is a hard, low wages, limited the development of the career, so now just finding a young operator is really not easy.
Third, the dilemma of local plant expansion or finding new place. Chen said, west policy is hot, he has watched over Chongqing, finding the PCB industry re-development in inner region is not easy, especially needed China PCB manufacturing raw materials as many as 150 different kinds, the industry’s supply chain can be built complet at least in 3-5 years, this section will be hard, but in terms of Chongqing, located in the Yangtze River, Jialing River source pollution problems receive much attention, so the local government also believes that it is best just to accommodate 1 large 2 small PCB manufacturers.
Star Chen said, quick turn PCB manufacturing relocation is not possible, only to re-set up factories, setting up a new plant requires financial, human, while now most of the management layers in a number of PCB industry have been more than 60 years old, do not want to risk money, no money making,let alone the west.
Star Chen said, according his personal experience, moved their manufacturing base, can indeed have the opportunity to survive, but life is not necessarily better off, so the current PCB industry is still gathered in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta area.