Nowadays, electronic traders and agents are varied and numerous in the market. Everyone claims that their components are original and authentic. The fact is that some of suppliers often use shoddy and fake parts for their own short-term gain. So how can we identify fake, second-hand and copied materials?

Find an authorized agent

Today, quality and price from different agents come in various levels.

We can check if an agent is an authorized distributor or not through the enterprises’ official website. We should always aim to purchase the products through formal channels.

Normally, a qualified agent controls the source of its stock. They can ensure that the batch is genuine and from the original manufacturer. Seeed purchases all of their materials from official channels like Digikey and Mouser directly.

Look at the company’s reputation

Generally, a distributor with a good reputation can guarantee their products since it takes time to establish their reputation and credibility. In order to maintain brand image, they will avoid using counterfeit components. Seeed also values its brand image and will only purchase parts from suppliers with an equally good reputation.

Control and inspect incoming materials

The most important step is to strictly control the incoming materials and perform inspections. Seeed will inspect every batch of materials to ensure the components are qualified for PCB assembly.