Know Your PCB assembly Costs

How great would it be if you could have a solid quote for your Michigan PCB Assembly Services in-hand before work is ever begun? When so many other aspects of manufacturing and component acquisition can be uncertain and unpredictable, it would certainly be beneficial for your company to be able to budget for the critical PCB’s needed for an upcoming time frame. Hitech PCB Circuits understands the value of budgeting and predicting production costs, and that’s why the Instant Quote application is made available to our loyal existing clients, as well as those who are just coming on board.

Predicting PCB Costs

Whether you need a relatively small run of PCB’s, or a very large run, you can quickly obtain a quote through Hitech PCB Circuits for a Quote, so that you can plan for other aspects of production with certainty.

The low-volume PCBA Proto Assembly quote is ideally suited for quick turns, so that you can quickly get the PCB’s you need in order to progress to the next phase of your own build process. It can be setup on the basis of using consigned parts which you supply, or we can purchase them for manufacture through our own sources.

A moderate-volume PCBA Production Assembly run would consist of something between

200 pieces and 1,000, which would be made in a single lot shipment to the purchaser. At the upper level of PCB assembly quotes is a run of more than 1,000 pieces, which consists of a PCBA Volume Assembly Box Build & Test, for which flexible scheduling is provided, depending on the needs and constraints of the purchaser. For both moderate-level and high-volume PCBA production, the option for using consigned parts or ‘we-buy’ parts is available, as with the low-volume orders.

When any of these quotes are requested, the purchaser has the option of specifying single-sided or double-sided surface mounting, lead-free processing, cleaning, Class III inspections, ITAR-control, and through-hole or SMT technology application. After making a few simple choices, your PCB needs can be identified, and you can have a firm quote that can provide the basis for your PCB production order, and the certainty of both cost and delivery time.