If you are a first-time PCB customer, you would have probably seen many PCB supplier websites offer quick turn PCB assembly as one of the primary services. Have you ever wondered what this service is exactly? Have you ever thought about why PCB suppliers offer this as a primary service? What makes quick turn PCB fabrication better than general PCB manufacturing?  Why should you choose this service? We have been asked these questions before, and we answer them here in this post.


Understanding Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

The name says it all! Quick turn PCB services allow PCB manufacturers and assembly service providers to design, produce, and deliver circuit boards within a very short time period. Generally, most service providers produce and deliver printed circuit boards to customers within three to five days from the time of placing order. Many PCB organizations consider quick turn and PCB prototyping to be the same. The reason for this is, prototyping is a major part of the quick turn fabrication process.


How are Quick Turn Printed Circuit Board Services Beneficial for Clients?

There are a variety of benefits that come with choosing quick turn PCB assembly.

  • As prototyping is an integral part of the process, the customers have the opportunity to check the designs before placing a final order.
  • The freedom given to the clients due to the prototyping phase eliminates numerous communications regarding design clarifications and verification’s.
  • Customers who opt for this service often receive personalized attention for their PCB requirements.
  • Quick turn PCB fabrication comprises small orders. This allows the client to use the PCB’s, and test their performance before deciding to go in for a large production run.
  • When working with a manufacturer who performs the entire quick turn process in-house, customers are guaranteed immense levels of quality in terms of the materials used, fabrication processes, and custom designs. Also, in-house work reduces the overall price of the quick turn PCB order.