Why choose Hitechpcb as High Density PCB (HDI PCB) Supplier

1. Quotation for high density pcb, High Density printed circuit board (HDI PCB) within 24 hours, urgent offer within 2 hours;
2. Rich experiences in High Density PCB (HDI board), proffesional suggestions from design stage in order to avoid any impracticable design;
3.High Density interconnect board (HDI PCB) from small series to mass production are all acceptable;
4. Rich experience in High Density PCB (HDI PCB) production
Features of High Density Interconnect PCBs (HDI PCB)

1. Smaller vias and traces for higher route density and fewer layers, so HDI PCB is High Density Interconnect PCBs.
2. Micro-via patterns for routing channels, potential for fewer layers
3. Only practical way to design with multiple large BGAs having <0.8 mm pitch
4. Lowest cost for high density boards (HDI Board)
5. HDI board for improved signal and power integrity
6. Newer materials available of higher performance and lower costs, which are not suitable for standard or sequential lamination

High Density PCB (HDI PCB), High Density Interconnect PCB is the best alternative to high layer-countand expensive standard laminate or sequentially
laminated boards.

1. The trend is for higher pin-count and finer pin-pitch. The tipping point will occur when the >1500 pin
BGAs use a .8mm pitch.
The only way to effectively breakout and route multiple instances of these devices on a single board
will be with the smaller HDI feature sizes.
2. High Density PCB (HDI PCB) currently dominates the fabrication technology for handheld and consumer electronics.
For large board designs, it will continue to grow.

High Density PCB HDI PCB manufacturing