The ability to mount the circuits on both sides of a PCB and improved compactness are the reasons that have helped SMT (surface mount technology) come up as the most preferred technology in the PCB designing and PCB production services.


The benefit of using this technology is that the components require less space. Also every single component and device is capable of performing multiple tasks. The benefits of SMT technology can be seen both in terms of designing as well as manufacturing. Surface mount technology production has improved the efficiency of several processes, which was not possible earlier.


Let us take a look at those plus points of this technology that has persuaded technicians and engineers to use it so extensively in the production of PCBs.


  • Reduced cost of production
  • More efficient and faster manufacturing
  • Material handling cost is lowered
  • The size of board is reduced substantially
  • Only a few holes now have to be drilled on the board.
  • Components that are used in SMT technology reduce the parasitic lead and conductor inductance at the same time it adds to capacitance and resistance.
  • Layout of the pitch is now finer
  • This method yields higher output
  • The technology has helped achieve better electrical performance because of higher operating speed

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