Here, we recommend top 10 PCB Electronics assembly manufacturers in China.

PCB designs turn out through the electrical engineering process which forms how your device functions. Lacking electronics you essentially comprise a horde of plastic and metal in your hands.


Things Considered by Hitech Circuits Co., Limited before starting the best PCB

PCB Assembly Services range from quick-turn PCBA prototypes to high volume fortification. The state-of-art facility permits to construct eminence products to reach higher standard prospects of customers.

Services provided are:

  • PCB’s will be assembled in below 24hrs.
  • Provides machine place SMT
  • There will be no accurate estimate of the minimum or maximum quantity.
  • They are committed to on-time delivery
  • They acquire online quote and take orders

Top 10 China PCB Electronics Assembly manufacturers:


1) Hitech Circuits Co., Limited is a China PCB Assembly  and is the chief and primary manufacturing and assembling providing double-sided and multilayer printed circuit boards. This was founded in 1997 and is specialized in providing worldwide companies of all sizes with best quality fabrication and even offers services in high-end boards. They offer high-end quality products from a composite layer to dual-sided designs to meet customer requirements in an effective manner.


The team of the company is highly skilled in all the criteria and you can produce your PCBs that satisfy your accurate requirements. The customers of the company convey that they purchase products because the company is trustworthy. Every month more than 100 customers consult the company.

Benefits of the company:

  • The company is the prominent industrialized and assembly service provider known around the globe.
  • It has more occurrences in high quality and reliable manufacturing.
  • The company offers 24/7 customer service and even provides specialized and customer service by the highly stirred team.

2) BC Enterprise limited is focused in heavy copper PCB’s for 15 years and was founded in 2003; in fact, it is a qualified PCB supplier. They are widely documented and have a strapping network in the PCB industry. They provide different types of PCB from fibreglass, regularity, metal core, and ceramic.


Their extensive product line comprises of double-sided PCBs, multilayer PCBs, high frequency and aluminium PCBs. Their designs avert problems from coming through pre-production. They meet your PCB requirements and delivers on time with door to door transport services.


3) Gold seagull limited was founded in 2003 and is a proficient PCB manufacturer in China; they prefer high accuracy PCB manufacturing and high quality and consistency PCB. Their products are broadly useful in multiple industries such as communication, engineering control, consumer electronics, and automotive electronics.

They are yet the key PCB supplier of high-end markets such as aerospace and military defence. They provide services with timely delivery, perfect quality and with excellent service; in fact, they continuously improve customer satisfaction to meet the customer needs.


4) AP electronics offers all services starting from electronic component sourcing, PCB assembling and best packing design for product delivery. They even offer effective one-stop solutions along the complete production and service method.

They afford double sided and four layered PCB’s. They often work with the clients in telecom, industrial, power supply, and research divisions. Two to 30 layers PCBs are provided by the company and even provide workings and PCB assembly with fast lead and inclusive services.


5) RuoMei PCB is a professional PCB service provider specific in one-stop service providing. Their products are used in meter, medical, security, consuming, aerospace and military. They even have many years of experience with the best-qualified management team experienced development team and skilled employees. In fact, they are dedicated to eminence and committed to customer service.

Their philosophy is to promote, innovate and advance on the work they process; they even generate a complimentary atmosphere for employees to gain personal values. They even think offering every member with a broad break for individual goals.


6) SAYFUPCB is one of the foremost suppliers and has been offering PCB Assembly and cable assembly from multiple years. They have the best-trained workers and contribute qualified products with reasonable prices surrounding the world. They are specialist in surface mount technology, conventional and mixed technology assembly. They even do new product opening with quick prototyping and design for test.


7) Keeling Electronics afford the best resolution for the customers; their services range from PCB assemblies and extend to module procuring. They confer with customers with the best designs and work directly with them to assist with the project.

In fact, they are even expertise in packaging and printing, they take concern of all the requirements from designing starting and until the delivery. They scrutinize how to manage the products to a higher level in accuracy and consistency.


8) SHC electronics is an electronic contract manufacturer specialized in PCB manufacturing and assembling. They provide elevated quality electronics and services that gather or surpass customer expectations. With many years of experience, they offer reasonable assembly cost, highly electronic services, on-time delivery, and good communication that maintain customer satisfaction. They serve a wide range of industries involving defence and aerospace, medical, industrial and military.


9)Rachtec Industrial Company limited is an advertising and consulting company and even a design house and provides a b