Heavy copper PCB means the foil thickness of the Printed Circuit Board greater than 3 oz (100 microns or four mils) typically. It is usually used for high electric current supply or some power circuits that are used in the automotive business. It can also be designed in the outer layer or inner layer.

The thickness of heavy copper can also vary depending on the manufacturer, but they offer the same purpose. You should always use the best heavy copper PCB with the right thickness because a poor PCB cannot pass the heavy current. So, using a poor quality PCB leads to the failure of your product. Consider heavy copper PCB thickness an important factor because you shouldn’t leave anything on chances. There are a lot of companies that are making the heavy copper PCB that can be used to fulfill all of your requirements.

The main reason to choose something is the number of advantages they provide and their wide range of uses. Well, thick copper PCB offers a number of uses and benefits that make our life easier and products better. We have listed a number of benefits below:

  • Higher resistance to thermal stress
  • An increase in the current load
  • Increased mechanical strength at conductor sites and PTH holes
  • Usage of exotic materials to their full potential (i.e., at high temperature) without interrupting the circuit
  • Reduce the size of the product by incorporating several weights of copper in the same circular layer
  • Heavy copper panels carry higher current through the plate and help transfer heat to the external heat sink
  • The cold rooms are directly integrated into the surface of the plate using copper tops up to 120 ounces
  • High power density on-board transformers

The benefits mentioned above are the reason for the increasing demand for heavy copper PCB. We all know that copper is known for its uses and the use of copper makes a PCB better than ever.