Project Description

  • Rogers PCB 4350 materials

Rogers PCB 4350 materials

Rogers RO4350 or RO4450 is the raw material of double sides Rogers pcb finishing in immersion sliver and 30mil board thick. The advantage of RO4350 is that the processing technology similar as FR-4 with lower cost, high cost performance and excellent dimensional stability.

Technical Parameters

  • Rogers PCB 4350 materials
  • Type: Double sides
  • Laminate: Rogers RO4350 or RO4450
  • Board thickness: 30mil
  • Surface finished: Immersion Sliver
  • Copper thickness: 35um (1oz)
  • Solder resist: green color
  • Trace width/width: 0.25/0.2mm
  •  Impedance controled

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