Project Description

8 layers microwave pcb

Immersion gold surface finishing on 8 layers microwave pcb which compose of Rogers Ro4350B+FR-4 hybrid material. At present, multi-layer microwave circuit boards has been widely used in military, computer, communications, satellite ground receiving stations and so on. We propose for customer needs 8 layers microwave pcb, please contact Hitech’s sales for further requirements, email: [email protected] .

Technical Parameters

  • 8 layers Microwave PCB with Rogers material
  • Material: Ro4350B+FR4 hybrid
  • Board thickness:1.2mm
  • Size:108mm*92mm
  • Immersion gold surface finished
  • Min. holes: 0.3mm
  • Feature: Counter-bore slot,
  • Micro-strip lines in L4 are exposed,
  • Layer registration < 1.5 mil
  • Application: Military

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