Project Description

  • FPC Flex PCB For Connector

FPC Flex PCB Board For Connector

The connector of the flexible pcb presses the contact part of the flip cover through the bump of the connecting body, so that the upward force generated by the elastic contact between flat cable and conductive terminal contact part can be offset, meanwhile, the flip cover can lock the flat cable. It can realize the purpose of inserting several conductive terminals into the connection body at one time, shorten the production cycle and improve work efficiency.

Technical Parameters

PCB Type: FLex PCB
Layer Count: 2 layer
Copper Thickness 1OZ
Min .Line Width/Space: 4mil/4mil
Min. Via Diameter: 0.1mm
Board Finish Thickness: 1.0mm
Surface Finish: Immersion Gold
Size: 120*50MM
Material: FR4-1.0MM
Color: Yellow
Testing Fly Probe (Free) and A.O.I(free)
Function: Connector

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