The fixture or shelf used for testing is called a E-test fixture; the test racks we know here are for PCB and PCBA (PCB assembly)

What raw materials do you need?

Acrylic plates, locating posts, ejector pins, cards, leads, etc..In order to select according appropriate materials to produce the E-test fixture We need to choose it based on the actual situation, it can greatly reduce the cost, at the same time a general base night repeated use can greatly reduce the cost, and make the E-test fixture making standardization, convenient production, improve the quality of the E-test fixture. The selection of test needles and related materials, the quality and cost of E-test fixtures are very important.


Methods and steps for making PCB test materials

Selection of test probes,test line selection,selection of test plates;

What parameters does the PCB E-test fixture test?

Test whether there is a short circuit between PCB network lines;

Test whether the same network of PCB goes to each PAD and whether the vias are open or not;

Dielectric strength test; Impedance test.


When a PCB board has BGA, we have to some special testing with E-testing fixture. Please see the picture:

What parameters does the test fixture test?

  1. Test its performance, to inspect the material, processing and other quality
  2. Test if the program download
  3. Test if the IC works well.
  4. The PCB assembly test fixture test all the board function is good.