Recently, the manufacturers of printed circuit board (PCB) TTM, about $368 million in all acquisition Viasystems jointly create news of the kingdom of PCB manufacturing is terminal operators know, maybe 1 + 1 > 2 is the reason that the two bosses concern, integration of resources has become a popular vocabulary in this industry, however, whether this big mergers or through expansion of production capacity, we can’t send out, PCB industries concurrently evergrande mode evolution is still in advance.

Taiwan PCB factory output value to achieve high growth strive to surpass Japan and South Korea this year
According to the personage inside course of study says, Taiwan PCB manufacturers TPT, plans to increase production to 150 square feet in 2014. The global notebook motherboard market share of 20% in 2013, plans this year to 25%.
Printed circuit board (PCB) industry is one of the earliest development of electronics industry in Taiwan, the history of more than 40 years, over the past few years a lot of the decline in PCB industry because of the PC industry, after 2008, wash dish and turn into the new electronic products such as mobile phone, tablet, plus international paper, several PCB industry to become the market this year big dark horse, including hin hing, clever, songstress China turn into profit, like electricity, etc, to say goodbye.
Engineering institute estimates, 2014 Taiwan PCB industry output growth of 2.66%, 533 billion yuan on the output, and break the past three years, only about 1% of the low growth. Institute will MIC, high on the top three global PCB industry in Taiwan, output value of more is equal with Japan in recent years, surpassed Japan for the first time in 2011 in Taiwan, Taiwan industry output value accounted for 31%, Japan (29%), with their close HDI production line, samsung important PCB supplier DAP in March, the fire supply tight, apple with the apple camp positive transfer list for Taiwan factory.
Legal analysis of the current market situation of PCB industry is quite good, just from the cost side, there are great advantages, PCB main raw materials such as copper foil, glass fiber cloth and resin, copper foil production cost around 20% to 25%, gold also accounted for more than 10%, gold and copper prices remain weak this year, is beneficial to relieve cost pressures, and a stronger dollar, new Taiwan dollar devaluation, also can appear benefits.
The other from the point of application, apple iPhone and the bigger, more of a heavyweight bullish for Taiwan PCB industry, apple mobile phone and tablet computer screen size amplification, the demand for HDI and soft plate is increased, and the intelligent mobile phone toward the higher order development, the low order only need three layer Any – layer HDI board (arbitrary layer high-density connection plate), now in high order models using ten layer board, is causing HDI board a surge in demand.