Project Description

  • led pcb assembly

LED PCB Assembly

The utility model SMD led aluminum pcb board, simple structure, good solid crystal effect and good heat dissipation.It uses for high-brightness led printed circuit boards of led lighting equipment, the design, quality, performance, test method and related requirements of identification, packaging etc.

Technical Parameters

  • Product type: LED SMD PCB Board
  • Material: PI(polyimide) HIGH TG 170
  • Layer/Thickness: 2L/0.15mm
  • Outer Copper: H OZ + plating
  • Surface treatment: OSP
  • Min Line Width: ≥ 0.10mm
  • Min Line Space: ≥0.10mm
  • Min Hole: ≥0.20 mm
  • Solder Mask: White
  • Silkscreen: Black
  • Technical featuer: special materials
  • Application: Lamps and lanterns
  • Components: As Bom List