Project Description

  • Contract pcb electronic assembly manufacturer

Contract pcb electronics assembly manufacturer

Hitech is a contract pcb electronic assembly manufacturer who can provided electronic manufacturing services more than 10+ years, contract manufacturing, and OEM experience towards the the achievement of each client’s product lifecycle and business success goals.

Technical Parameters

With the continual growth of the telecommunication industry, there have been an ever rising demand for simple to complex printed circuit boards assembly for applications in several networking and other telecom products. The rising demands for specialized Telecom PCBs also triggered the mushrooming of PCB manufacturers. However, assembling such high-end PCBs that withstand extreme weather conditions requires extreme industry knowledge, advanced manufacturing facilities, and trained staff. Our high-end PCB assembly services have helped us earn the patronage of many customers in the telecom industry.

Telecommunication PCB Assembly Capabilities at Hitech Group:

The telecommunication industry is constantly changing and evolving in terms of advanced networking and telecom solutions. By working closely with the customers, we ensure that they receive the best Telecommunications PCB assembly solution in a quick turn around. Our capabilities in Telecommunications PCB assembly services include, but not limited to the following:

Complex RoHS & non-RoHS PCAs up to 20”x24”.
PTH, SMT & mixed technology assembly.
Single and double-sided assembly.
No clean flux process & closed loop aqueous cleaning system.
Conformal coating & potting compliant with IPC-CC-830B.
Cable & harness assembly.
Complete mechanical assembly.
Fixture & fixtureless in circuit & functional testing.
Repair/rework including BGA & QFP
Laser alignment & vision systems for SMT placement.
Auto-calibration for SMT lines