High Density Interconnect PCB


Hitech Circuits Co.,Limited has, through a collaborative effort with Vast Films and Triangle Labs, created the least expensive high density interconnect board ( HDI PCB).


By using PDIM pre-deposited images in metal (PDIM) technology supplied by Caledon and Vast Films, Triangle Labs successfully developed a process using proprietary technology to copper electroplate PDIM film.


Triangle Research’s Bob Grey confirmed that PDIM supplied with a copper seed image was plated to a thickness of 1.2 mils (30um) maintaining the high adhesion characteristics normally associated with PDIM’s selective pure metal deposition process.


The selection of a ductile copper bath delivered a 24% elongation quoted as being very flexible.


 “Our ability to be selective on surfaces also means that a pre-perforated film could be metalized with PDIM including the wall of the hole. Plating the surface and the hole wall produces a reliable via connection to the opposite metal imaged side making a double-sided PCB as simple as procuring PDIM, electroplating, and trimming buss connections.”


PDIM is available as a service to producers of printed circuits whose abilities to electroplate the purchased film would help them fill their customers’ needs for low-cost interconnect.