heavy copper pcb


When we design an electronic product, we should consider the overload capacity. It’s the sectional area of the circuit bears the overcurrent. In the case of the same linewidth, the heavier copper can take bigger current – 2Oz is heavier than 1Oz. For power products and Industrial products, you should use heavier copper PCB, but for general electronic products, 1Oz is enough. However, the heavier copper, the higher cost of production. So, if you can fulfill the demand of overload by enlarging the linewidth, you should not design the thin linewidth and heavier copper circuit.

HITECHPCB is one of the largest PCB fabricators in China, and is regularly in the top 5 in terms of heavy copper material usage, We have a history of producing heavy copper PCB for automotive and commercial applications. As a result, we are able to negotiate some of the most favorable materials pricing in the industry.