China PCB manufacturer


If you and your company need a printed circuit board (PCB), you can order a prototype PCB from Hitech Circuits, which is the best china PCB manufacturer, in quantities as small as just one or two. You can make your own PCB by etching a laminated board, but with prices decreasing on commercially made PCB prototypes, you may find it more practical to order a PCB prototype for $50 or less.


Let me tell you how to get PCB prototype online:

  1. Decide what specifications you’ll need, and look for companies online who offer those as basic options for prototypes. For example, you may be able to get lead-free solder, but not have a choice of the solder mask color. The printed circuit board may need to be within certain minimum or maximum dimensions. However, if you don’t need anything unusual, you can find reasonable PCB prototype quotes. If you’re eventually planning to have the PCB manufactured in larger quantities, you can order a prototype using the basic options, and then choose from a broader choice of options when ordering larger quantities from the same company.
  2. Compare quotes from several PCB companies. Find 2 or more pcb companies, See whether the PCB prototypes will be tested, whether they’re guaranteed, and how soon they can be delivered, if time is important. Also look at prices and availability of other options, if you plan to put the prototype in production and want to stay with the same company. Some companies may also offer discounts to new customers.
  3. Check what form the company wants to receive files in, for quick turn PCB prototypes. You’ll probably need to send Gerber files, but you may be able to use freeware to produce them. Make sure your order and files are exactly what you want when you sent them, because you may not be able to change them once sent. Also check what payment arrangements are expected, since you’ll probably need to pay a deposit before work begins on your PCB prototype.


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