heavy copper pcb


Today I will share the impact assessment of batch process of 40Z and above (inclusive) copper thickness of heavy copper PCB with you. Hope it will be helpful to you.

Note: indicates no effect; indicates a certain influence; indicates a direct effect.


ItemsCategoryInfluenceInfluence degree
1 Inner layerAt present, 4OZ and above (inclusive) copper thickness material codes of the inner layer circuit is made from outer dry film.
2 Lamination4OZ and above material codes need to use special PP for filter processing
3 DrillingDrill pinhole limit is reduced, corresponding drill consumption increased
4 ElectroplatingExcept for the special high aspect ratio material number, others can be normal operating conditions
5 Dry filmCorresponding inner circuit is made from outer dry film, the production capacity need to be considered
6 EtchingIn order to reduce the difference between the upper and the lower line, multiple etching is needed, and the corresponding etching speed needs to be reduced
7 Anti-weldingThe inner thick copper parts have no effect, and the outer thick copper anti welding is required 2 times printing to avoid skip printing and air bubbles
8 CharactersPay attention to the oil condition of the character on the shoulder of the circuit
9 Spray tinThe heavy copper PCB is weightier than ordinary products, be aware of scratching
10 Forming
11 Test
12 Visual inspection

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