High Density Interconnect PCB


Client: A well-known global graphics card manufacturer  

Industry: Electronics  

The Problem: A well-known video card manufacturer was releasing a new graphics card onto the market and had organized a high-profile launch to promote the new product. Prior to shipping the order to the shops, it was discovered that there was a problem with a number of the boards in a consignment. If the issue was not resolved swiftly a full batch of boards would not be delivered to the shops in time for the much publicized release date and the Company risked jeopardizing its credibility. Their inhouse assembly function and outsourced PCB repair partner were unable to rework the volume of boards in time.   

Hitech Circuits’ Solution: Having asked around amongst their industry network, the Company was advised to contact Hitech Circuits, who have a well-established reputation for going the extra mile to help client’s overcome difficult challenges. After a quick exchange over the phone, Hitech Circuits agreed to undertake the job and rework 100 boards within the extremely tight deadline. The client agreed to deliver the faulty boards the following day.   

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