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China PCB Manufacturer, PCB Fabrication& Board Assembly in China Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing which is our major business. I think you already know, we are a PCB manufacturer. We have 3 branch factories dedicated to Quick Turn PCB Prototypes Manufacturing, Small and Medium-volume Printed Circuit Board and FPC Manufacturing services. Our market target is the High Multilayer PCB, High Density board, Ceramic PCB and Special Material & Process Printed Circuit Boards. Also, we can help customer do PCB assembly and provide one-stop service. Hitech Group is capable of providing full turn-key and partial turn-key PCB assembly services. For full turn-key, [...]

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Technical description Product type: Mutilayer circuit boards Material: FR4 S1000-2 Application field: Security Layer/thickness: 12L/1.0mm Surface treatment: Immersion gold Line space/Width: 4/4mil Minimum hole diameter: 0.2mm Technical feature: Fine line impedance control

What Factors Slow Down PCB Manufacturing- prototype PCB assembly-quick turn PCB assembly

Most people who need PCB and PCB assembly services don't have a lot of extra time to spare. That's why there's an increased need for faster services that don’t sacrifice quality or are too expensive. But finding the right PCB partner can be difficult without thoroughly researching all the options. Not all PCB manufacturing companies are created equal; if you make assumptions, you could end up dealing with unnecessary (and costly) delays you hadn't anticipated. Let's take a closer look at some of the factors that can slow down the PCB manufacturing process.   Prototyping Delays: If you're developing a [...]

PCB Manufacturing Techniques of Printed Prototype Circuit Boards

While prototype circuit boards are used in everything from cell phones to computer monitors, to light switches and televisions, there is a belief that PCB fabrication is standard and straightforward. In fact, this is untrue, as the PCB assembly process is just as versatile as the uses for the boards themselves. Before we break down the materials used in PCB manufacturing, it’s important to know these simple things about prototype PCBs.   . There are three major ways to construct a circuit board, single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered. . The most simple printed circuit boards contains copper tracks on only one [...]

What You Need to Know About PCB Fabrication- Prototype printed circuit boards-HitechPCB

Prototype printed circuit boards are what happen when an engineer takes some wire, copper, and plastic components and incorporates them together to create a working device. Circuit boards are found in all aspects of technology, and even though they are popular, each prototype PCB must be assembled differently. So if you are looking to create these magnificent pieces of technology, here are a few things to know about the PCB fabrication process before you start soldering.   The size of the PCB In simple terms, the size of your circuit board is relative to the overall size of your project. [...]

4 Amazing PCB Facts You Might Not Know

If you’re familiar with the purpose of prototype printed circuit boards or PCB fabrication, you probably know how commonplace and necessary they are in today’s technologically dependent world. But even though printed circuit boards are found in almost every device we use on a daily basis, you might not know these four amazing facts about PCBs:   Some gramophones had printed circuit boards You may not realize it, but prototype PCBs aren’t an entirely new age convention. They were around in the early-to-mid 1900s and were used in some gramophones and tube radios! They may not look like the printed [...]

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Technical description Material: FR4 TG170 S1000-2 & KAPTON DUPONT Layer/Thickness: 6L/1.0mm Copper:1/1/H/H/1/1 OZ Surface treatment: Immersion gold Min. Hole Size:0.20mm Min. Line Width:0.10mm Min. Line Spacing:0.10mm Technical featuer: flex - rigid, HDI 1+ Application field: medical products