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Specifications for the manufacture of aluminum base PCB

The aluminum boards produced by Aluminium PCB manufacturers are mostly used for LED PCB lamps. What are the specifications for the production of aluminum base board in the production process? Aluminum boards produced by aluminum board manufacturers are often used in power devices, and the power density is large, so the copper foil is relatively thick. If a 3 oz or more copper foil  is used, the etching process of the thick copper foil requires engineering line width compensation, otherwise, the line width after etching will be excessive. The surface of the aluminum boards produced by the aluminum board manufacturer must be protected with [...]

MCPCB led board pcb fabrication and assembly

Technical description Product type: Aluminum Substrate Material: Aluminum plate +high thermal insulation material Layer/Thickness: 1L/1 mm Outer Copper:/ 2 OZ Surface treatment: HASL LF Min Line Width: ≥ 0.5mm Min Line Space: ≥0.3mm Min Hole: ≥0.4 mm Solder Mask: White X 1 side Silkscreen: Black Technical featuer: special materials Application: Lamps and lanterns BOM List: As request Related Keywords: Metal core pcb assembly custom pcb assembly Aluminium pcb assembly