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Copper Base board (Copper base printed circuit board)

Copper Base PCB, Metal PCB is the thermal conductivity dielectric material in the MCPCB. This acts as a thermal bridge between the IC components and metal backing plate. Heat is conducted from the package through the metal core to an additional heat sink. On the FR4 board the heat remains stagnant if not transferred by a topical heatsink. LED PCB always be produced with Aluminum core, but sometimes steel core PCB and copper core PCB also be used. Copper Base PCB Metal PCB ENIG White 1 Layer, Copper base material. Finished board thickness is 1.6mm. White solder mask 1 Oz [...]

Something About Heavy Copper PCBs

Heavy Copper PCBs are printed circuit boards featuring copper conductors 3 oz/ft2 – 10 oz/ft2 in inner or outer layers. These printed circuit boards are valued immensely, due to their thermal management capabilities. When heavier copper is electroplated to the PCB, it ensures high reliability and efficient power distribution. This post discusses heavy copper PCBs in detail.   Advantages of Heavy Copper PCB   Heavy copper PCBs are normally used in high power transmission applications due to several advantages they offer. Let us look at few of them.   Heavy base copper allows delivery of consistent and reliable power. The [...]

Copper based PCB

Technical description Copper based printed circuit board Base Material: Copper material Layers: 1 Thickness: 3mm Copper thickness: 1 Oz plating process: Immersion gold Description: Power LED MCPCB Countersink holes+Countersink solt routing


COB MCPCB(known as Chip-on-Board Metal core pcb) is semi-conductor assembly technology, where micro-chip also known as die is electrically interconnected instead of using traditional assembly process or individual IC packaging on the final product board. COB MCPCB used in thermoelectric separation application products. For normal MCPCB, there's a dielectric layer between trace copper and metal core, and the thermal conductivity is limited by that dielectric layers, so value can only be 1~3 W/m.K. But using COB MCPCB, there's no such dielectric layer because chip (die) direct touch the metal core, so thermal conductivity value of COB MCPCB will be [...]

Single-sided Aluminium pcb

Technical description Aluminium PCB (Metal Core PCB for LED Lighting) Single-Sided board ( SSB) Base-material: Aluminium Base material Board thickness: 1.6MM Solder mask Color: White TaiYo Silkscreen: Black Surface Finish: HAL Lead Free

Metal core pcb Capability

Aluminium pcb manufacturer Hitech we can provide Metal core pcb, COB MCPCB,Copper base PCB and double sided MCPCB with good quality and low price. Hitechpcb Metal core PCB Capability: Layers:1-4 Layers Metal core board type: Normal Aluminum pcb, COB MCPCB, Copper base board, Max Dimension:1900mm*480mm Min Dimension:5mm*5mm Min Trace& line spacing:0.1mm Warp & Twist:<0.5mm Finished Product Thickness:0.2-4.5 mm Copper Thickness:18-240 um Hole Inner Copper Thickness:18-40 um Hole Position Tolerance:+/-0.075 mm Min Punching Hole Diameter:1.0mm Min Punching Square Slot Specification::0.8mm*0.8mm Silk Prints Circuit Tolerance:+/-0.075 mm Outline Tolerance:CNC:+/-0.1mm; Mould:+/- 0.75mm Min Hole Size:0.2 mm (No limitation in Max hole dimention) V-CUT Angle [...]