Heavy copper PCB2


Hitech Circuits Co., Ltd. is the most reliable heavy copper PCB manufacturer in China. Our PCB are all high quality and at a reasonable price. Below are some key statistics about our heavy copper PCB.


Product Name Material Board thickness Surface finished Copper thickness Min through hole
2L Heavy copper pcb FR-4 2.8mm Immersion gold 2U” Inner layer 3 Oz;
out layer 11Oz
4L Power Copper Core PCB FR-4 Tg170 2.4mm Immersion gold Inner layer 6 Oz;
out layer 6Oz
6L Heavy copper core pcb FR-4 Tg150 2.0mm;
Size: 70.8*76.2mm
Immersion gold Inner layer 3 Oz;
out layer 3Oz
12L heavy copper core pcb printed wiring board FR-4 Tg170 2.6mm Immersion gold 3 Oz for all layers 0.3mm;
Min.line width/space: 8mil


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