Industry Association for Printed Circuit Board (IPC) is an association that connects electronic industries. It validates the electronic products of manufacturing companies. An IPC certified company guarantees the quality and reliability of a company that produces printed circuit boards.

Brief History of IPC

Industry Association for Printed Circuit Board was founded in 1957. Since then it has become an international industry that dedicates itself to provide electronic industries with excellent printed circuit boards by ensuring that PCB fabrication houses produce quality and reliable PCBs.


Currently IPC has certified 3,502 companies for producing and selling high-quality products. Automotive, computer, telecommunication, and medical industries are just a few of the industries that prefer to only purchase from IPC certified manufacturing companies. For organizations, the IPC logo is like a stamp of approval for a company that produces electronic components.


Why Prefer an IPC Class II PCB?

Industries are looking for companies that can supply them with quality circuit boards for their electronic products. An indication of a reliable and reputable circuit board supplier is the credentials they possess. An IPC Class II certificate ensures the consistency of the supplier’s product.


A company that holds an IPC II certificate will be found on the Qualified Products List (QPL) and Qualified Manufacturers List (QML). This certificate is only awarded to companies that exhibit that their printed circuit boards meet the quality standards and requirements provided by the IPC.


Industries looking for a circuit board supplier can find them in the Qualified Products List (QPL) and Qualified Manufacturers List (QML). This list helps industries make important decisions related to their manufacturing process and provides suppliers with exposure.


Buying IPC Approved Products

An industry that makes consumer electronics needs to hire a supplier that will help them achieve their goal to be best in the marketplace. IPC Class II certified equipment would ensure the company’s status and success. Implementing IPC Class II standard approved equipment in their assembly process will improve their product’s performance.


In addition, this certificate ensures that your circuit board supplier has employees that are trained in constructing circuit boards that meet the standards set by IPC. Your organization can sit back and relax because the circuit boards you have placed the order for have been thoroughly tested for quality.


An IPC Class II certificate guarantees your organization will consistently receive superior printed circuit boards.