The ceramic PCB made on ceramic is considered a type of metal core PCB. While other circuit boards such as FR4 PCB or Aluminum PCB can be used for electrical equipment, Ceramic circuit boards provide extra safety. The PCB also keeps the devices risk-free. Typically, Ceramic board is used in the followings:

Spotlights and high-current LEDs

Exchange converters

Power controllers

Variable optical systems

Power regulators for cars

Industrial power equipment

Semiconductor refrigeration devices

IC arrays


Audio amplifiers

Solar cell substrates

High power transistors and transistor arrays

Power applications

Ceramic PCB’s high electrical insulation and high-temperature resistance performance refrain electrical devices from having any kind of damages. The rapid increase of Ceramic usage in lessening the complexity of circuit boards and increasing the performance. Consider using Ceramic if you need to use your devices in:

High pressure

High insulation

High frequency

High temperature

Ceramic circuit boards serve the aerospace, automotive, and medical industries as they require high-quality materials for using in their devices. Industries that need higher heat-resistance should switch to ceramic PCB even though it’s a costly solution. We think what is ceramic PCB is clear to you all. If you have any problems about Ceramic PCB, please let us know it, our engineers will help you on it.