The Prepreg is an insulating material for the PCB. Prepreg is not prepreg before being laminated, also known as prepreg,prior to lamination, and is primarily used as a bonding material and an insulating material for the inner conductive pattern of a multilayer printed circuit board. After the Prepreg is laminated, the semi-cured epoxy is extruded, begins to flow and solidifies, bonds the multilayer sheets together and forms a reliable insulator.


The Core is the basic material for making printed circuit boards. The Core is also known as the core board, which has a certain hardness and thickness, as well as double bread copper. Therefore, the multi-layer board is actually a combination of Core and Prepreg. The difference between the two:


1, prepreg is a material in the PCB, the former material is semi-solid, similar to cardboard, the latter is hard, similar to copper;


2, prepreg is similar to adhesive + Insulator; and the core is the basic material of the PCB, two are completely different functions;


3, the prepreg can be curled, the core can not be bent; 4, the prepreg is not conductive, the copper layer on both sides of the core, is the printed circuit board Conductive medium.