What is the testing principle of PCB Assembly by fixture?

PCB Assembly testing is a key step to ensure the quality of production and delivery. It refers to making FCT test fixtures according to the test points, procedures and test steps designed by customers, and then placing the PCBA board on the FCT test fixture to complete the test process.

The test principle of PCBA is that: connect the test points on the PCBA board through the FCT test fixture(frame) to form a complete path, then connect the computer and the program tool (programmer), and upload the MCU program. The MCU program will capture the user’s input action (such as long pressing the switch for 3 seconds), and control the on-off of the adjacent circuit (such as LED flashing) or drive the motor to rotate through calculation. By observing the voltage and current values between the test points on the FCT test fixture, and verifying whether these input and output actions are consistent with the design, and so, the test of the entire PCBA board would called completed.
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