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Why Rapid PCB Prototyping is so Important?

Why Rapid PCB Prototyping is so Important? As the need for manufacturers to increase their time-to-market speed increases, the need for faster PCB prototyping also increases. Rapid Printed Circuit Board Prototyping is usually the step that takes the longest in the whole process and, as such, needs to be shortened in practical ways because new software and features can only be tested out on prototypes. Let’s take a more in-depth look at why rapid PCB prototyping is so important. Short Turnarounds The best express PCB prototyping methods all have one thing in common: short turnaround times. This means that new [...]

A Quick Intro Guide to the PCB Assembly Process

Simply put, circuit board prototyping is incredibly complex. There are different components needed for each different process, and arguably the PCB assembly is one of the most important. After all, there is no point to your board if it is not assembled properly! Are you a prototype printed circuit board enthusiast? If you are looking to develop your hobby a little bit more, it is incredibly important that you know the basics of prototype PCB assembly. Here we give an overview of the entire process. Before we go into detail, it is important to understand that with these steps, it [...]

Quick turn pcb prototype service

Hitechpcb has a branch factory dedicated to Quick Turn PCB and fast PCB assembly Services in order to ensure on-time delivery. We guarantee the fastest delivery time is 24 hours to meet you schedule. General specification for Quick turn pcb services Part I : Quick Turn PCB Prototype price                                                 Prototype & Small Volume L/T(0~2sq.meters)     Layers     150sq.inch(less 0.1 sq.m)            Quickest Lead time             Normal Lead time             2 60 USD                    24 [...]