Double sided PCB & Double printed circuit PCB

2L Printed circuit board

Hitech Circuits Co., Limited have been specializing in quick turn PCB prototype & small up to middle volume Rigid PCB more than 10 years, we are not only produce double sided board, multi-layer PCB prototype, small and medium-volume multi-layer PCB is also no problem. We can make up to 38 Multilayer PCB, Min. Hole Size 6mil, Min. line width/space 4mil with quick turn manufacturing service.

Double-sided PCBs(Double-sided Printed Circuit Boards)are one step up above single-sided printed circuit boardin their complexity. Double Sided PCBs require plated through holes between top and bottom pads to provide better anchoring for soldered components. This process and the resultantboardsallow interconnections between layers through all holes. And meanwhile, most designs require soldermask front and back along with a silkscreen layer for component designators.