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Rohs multilayer pcb board manufacturer

Technical description Material: Fr4 s1000-2 TG80 Layer/thickness: 6L/1.6mm Layer/Thickn: 2 OZ Surface treatment: ENIG Min. Hole Size:0.3mm Min. Line Width:0.15mm Min. Line Spacing:0.25mm Technical featuer: Fine line Application field: Electronics Equipment Rohs multilayer pcb board manufacturer

Printer controller pcb fabrication and assembly

Technical description Printer controller pcb fabrication and assembly Material: FR4 TG135 Layer/Thickness: 2L/0.8 mm Outer Copper: 1 OZ Surface treatment: HASL LF Min. Hole Size:0.2mm Min. Line Width:0.75mm Min. Line Spacing:8mile Technical featuer: SMT Application field:  Computer Servers

Printed circuit board manufacturing process how to Measure Solder Mask Thickness

For printed circuit board, the solder mask is an essential element in printed circuit board manufacturing. Without a quality solder mask, most printed circuit boards wouldn’t last very long. There are several elements that go into creating an effective solder mask, and it’s a key feature of your printed circuit board’s makeup. What is a Solder Mask Solder mask is a material used to protect the copper on the circuit board with a protective layer of liquid photo imageable lacquer. This mask goes on both sides of the circuit board to protect the copper from problems that could lead to [...]

Why Printed Circuit Boards Remain in High Demand?

The printed circuit board (PCB) industry has experienced rapid growth in recent times and studies show that predictions for the future are equally as optimistic. What is the key to this growth and what is driving it?   Part of the reason is printed circuit boards are a building block for everything electronic. PCBs are used with conductive strips to act as insulating bases. They are usually in the form of fibreglass, and the conductive connections are made from copper through the etching process.   In simple terms, PCBs are used when making electronic circuits. They may contain single or [...]

Nine Cost Drivers for Rigid Circuit Boards

From the concept to the PCB manufacturing and assembly, several factors impact the price of your board, but the price will also mostly depend on:   The board size The mechanical engineer has to determine the size and the shape of the PCB – also called the PCB outlines. A first drawing is sent to the design team who can reduce the board outlines if possible. This is the first way to save money since a smaller area means a reduction in material cost.   The board shape Rectangular boards are cheaper than curved ones for two main reasons: more [...]

Simple Ways to Repair Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit board is a sophisticated component in any electronic device and the performance of the circuit board devices of the performance of the device itself. It can be easily said that if the printed circuit board of a device is either damaged or malfunctioning due to any reason then the device will not perform to the best of its responsibility.   In such cases, when it is highly recommended to have high standards while pcb manufacturing and designing the circuit board devices, the maintenance of the circuit boards is also an important aspect. A lot of times, the device [...]

The difference between immersion gold and gold plating

Gold plating: Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal through plating way. The gold particles attached to the pcb, as strong adhesion also known as hard gold. The gold finger of memory bank is hard gold and abrasion resistant. Immersion gold: Immersion gold through chemical reaction to make gold particles attached to pcb. As weak adhesion it is also known as soft gold. Why use gold plating? As IC become more and more integrated and IC pins are also denser. This brings difficulty to SMT placement. In addition, the [...]

Rigid PCB Capability

Hitechpcb is a professional PCB Manufacturer & PCBA electronics manufacturer in China, specializes in Quick Turn PCB and PCB Assembly Prototypes with low volume orders. We are good at Aluminum PCB, Rigid-flex PCB, High Multilayer printed Circuit Board, High Density PCB, HDI PCB, Impedance Control PCB, Heavy Copper PCB, Ceramic PCB and other advanced circuits. Hitechpcb is continuously innovating the technology improving our rigid PCB Capability to meet customers High-Tech requirements with High-Density PCB, High Multilayer pcb, Greater Aspect Ratio, betterImpedance Controlled product. Our Rigid PCB Capabilities below: Layer counts: 1-38 Layers Maximum size: 580x1900mm Material: CEM1, FR1,FR-4,High Tg FR-4,Halogen [...]