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Six Most Common Mistakes Made When Placing A PCB Assembly Order-

PCBA Assembly Order #1. Incorrect Gerber File Format for Stencil Paste Fix: The gerber format MUST be RS274X (opposed to RS274D). The RS274X format is the most current industry standard and includes aperture information in the gerber itself instead of requiring a separate aperture file.. (Google for "RS274X format") All current version CAD programs can generate the -X format although some may default to the older format for the sake of backwards compatibility.   #2. Missing a gerber file for stencil paste for one or both sides Fix: We need a paste layer in order to generate a paste stencil. [...]

OEM Electronic Manufacturer Multilayer SMT PCB Assembly

Technical description OEM Electronic Manufacturer Multilayer SMT PCB Assembly Material: FR4 TG135 Layer/Thickness: 2L/1.60mm Outer Copper:2 OZ Surface treatment: HASL LF Min. Hole Size:0.30mm Min. Line Width:0.20mm Min. Line Spacing:0.20MM Application field: Cateway Control & Network Devices & Automobile Unit