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Common Causes Of PCB Failure, Explained

Printed circuit boards can be found in virtually every tool we use on a daily basis. From computers and cell phones to our television sets and portable speakers, we rely on PCBs to make our world work. But sometimes, PCBs don't work the way they should. Whether due to material defects or environmental factors, here are just a few of the most common reasons for PCB failure. 1.Material Defects. A lot of things can potentially go wrong during printed circuit board assembly. Material defect is chief among the most popular causes for board failure. If a material used in the [...]

Colorful PCBs Does Solder Mask Hue Impact Functionality- Circuit Board Assembly

Traditionally, circuit boards are green. But today's world is more diverse -- even when it comes to PCBs! Although green boards are still popular, many PCB assembly services now offer a variety of solder mask colors to customers. What does this mean for the PCB fabrication and Circuit Board Assembly process? And can you expect to receive all different hues of PCBs when you place an order for circuit board assembly services? We'll discuss this colorful topic in today's post. In years past, PCB solder mask was almost exclusively green There are a few reasons for this. One is that [...]

Why You Need 3D X-Ray Testing- Printed Circuit Board Assembly-Hitech PCB

Printed circuit board assembly has come a long way in recent years. Now that PCB assembly can easily be performed by machine, PCB manufacturers have been able to increase their production and drastically reduce the time required for this process. In fact, a few PCB assemblers even offer standard turnaround times of three days or less -- 75% faster than the industry average. However, clients who rely on these circuit boards will never be willing to sacrifice quality for speed. In order to ensure PCB production maintains a high-quality standard and exceeds customer expectations, PCB assemblers must prioritize testing during [...]

Six methods to inspect PCB

PCBs are necessary to do electric inspection after manufacturing and assembling. We are professional PCB manufacturer which have been focous on PCB over 10 years. We offer PCB one stop services worldwide, so we attach great importance to electric inspection,we use all-round inspection with good inspect method to increase the efficiency on PCBs. The following are some measuring methods on PCBs,which will find out where short or open. If it is manual welding, we should form good habits. First of all, Visual check the PCBs before welding, and use a multimeter to check the key circuit (especially the power and [...]

Something About Automated Inspection Systems

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) is as the name suggests a visual quantitative and qualitative test for PCBs. This automatic process allows companies to reduce their dependency on manual testing and thereby lessen any chances of human error. Since testing is an important process when it comes to the products provided by PCB assembly service providers, AOI systems offer immense reliability.   Need for Robust Testing Systems PCBs need to be produced according to certain guidelines put forth by leading organizations and Government bodies. Some specific reasons to opt for AOI testing include: AOI testing is an automated optical system. This [...]

pcb manufacturing-Best quality PCB company

Technical description Material: FR4 TG180  S1000-2 Production type: Multilayer laye Application filed: Communication equipment Layer/thickness: 6L/1.6mm Surface treatment: Gold plating Copper thicknes: 3 oz on all layers Minimum hole diameter: 0.30mm Technical feature:impedance control

Simple Ways to Repair Printed Circuit Board

Printed circuit board is a sophisticated component in any electronic device and the performance of the circuit board devices of the performance of the device itself. It can be easily said that if the printed circuit board of a device is either damaged or malfunctioning due to any reason then the device will not perform to the best of its responsibility.   In such cases, when it is highly recommended to have high standards while pcb manufacturing and designing the circuit board devices, the maintenance of the circuit boards is also an important aspect. A lot of times, the device [...]