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PCB Manufacturing Techniques of Printed Prototype Circuit Boards

While prototype circuit boards are used in everything from cell phones to computer monitors, to light switches and televisions, there is a belief that PCB fabrication is standard and straightforward. In fact, this is untrue, as the PCB assembly process is just as versatile as the uses for the boards themselves. Before we break down the materials used in PCB manufacturing, it’s important to know these simple things about prototype PCBs.   . There are three major ways to construct a circuit board, single-sided, double-sided, and multi-layered. . The most simple printed circuit boards contains copper tracks on only one [...]

Need of the Hour: Lead-free PCBs

As consumers are quickly getting rid of their electronic devices and replacing them with new ones, our landfills are filling up with used electronic devices. Lead in PCBs poses a threat to the environment and hence is a cause for concern from the legislative side. Therefore, most organizations are moving away from this hazardous element by opting for lead-free PCB’s.   Why Lead-free PCBs? There are many reasons to opt for Lead-free PCBs including the following: Handling lead directly can be harmful to the people manufacturing the products. Lead is harmful if it comes in contact with the eyes, nose, [...]

Quality Policy

Quality Policy: Quality first, Continuous improvement,  Customer satisfaction. Quality Object: Rate of customer’s complaint:  <0.8% Rate of passed products:          >98% Rate of unquality product rate:  ≤500 ppm Rate of delivery on time:             99.6% Customer satisfaction                  >99%

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